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Bally's Hotel/Casino

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Thomas R. Schiff has explored various photographic formats for forty years, the last fourteen of them with panoramic cameras. In the introduction to Vegas 360°, Schiff’s fourth collection of panoramic photographs, art and culture critic Dave Hickey declares his images “a gift to us all . . .” that reveal the 360° design logic that is “otherwise available to none but dizzy drunks and dervishes.”

Welcome Sign_Las Vegas
Freemont Street Experience - Las Vegas
Souvenirs_Las Vegas
Las Vegas construction site
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In addition to Schiff’s 64 full-color images, Vegas 360° is also “illustrated” with essays by prominent Las Vegas observers Kim Thomas, author of Vegas: One Cop’s Journey, and Dope Opera (forthcoming); Matthew O’Brien, author of Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas; photojournalist Benedetta Pignatelli; Douglas Unger, author of Leaving the Land, Voices from Silence, and other novels; award-winning editor of Architecture Las Vegas and Nevada Public Radio’s Desert Companion Phil Hagen; A.D. Hopkins, special projects editor heading a team of investigative and in-depth reporters for the Las Vegas Review-Journal; and David Surratt, a freelancer and staff writer for Las Vegas CityLife. Their seven sparkling essays enhance the vision of Schiff’s luminous photographs.

As Schiff acknowledges in his Photographer’s Note, Las Vegas demanded full color; all images in the book were taken with a Hulcherama 360 panoramic camera using ambient light on roll film, then digitized.

Photos by Thomas R. Schiff
131 pages. ISBN 978-0-9795898-1-2 $39.95 hardbound 2008

About the Photographer
Thomas R. Schiff had published three collections of panoramic photographs before Vegas 360: Panoramic Cincinnati (1999), Panoramic Ohio (2002), and Panoramic Parks of Cincinnati (2005). In 2003, Panoramic Ohio accompanied a touring exhibition that opened at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Tom has been exploring various photographic formats for forty years. His early photography featured black-and-white images focusing on architectural details, storefront facades, and windows. Tom turned to panoramic photography in 1994, as a new approach toward exploring illusions, reflections, and multiplicity within his images. Since Vegas 360 was published, Tom has published Wright Panorama (photos of Frank Lloyd Wright, 2010), Prospect (a survey of American architecture, 2012), and Columbus, Indiana, Midwestern Modernist Mecca (2013).

All of the photographs in Vegas 360 were taken with a Hulcherama 360 camera using 220 film. The camera is mounted on an extended tripod and rotates 360 degrees or more on its axis, exposing film in a continuous strip as it turns.

Tom is chairman and CEO of John J. & Thomas R. Schiff & Co., Inc. as well as director of Cincinnati Financial Corporation. He resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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