Best of Books by the Bed #1

book cover: Best of Books by the Bed #1

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Whether they cover every inch of shelf space and every available flat surface or reside pristinely in an e-reader, books by the bed are the constant—and ever-changing—companions of avid readers and writers. They’re often special, different from the tomes of daylight, flirtatious, fun, provocative friends we array within easy reach, our last contacts with the conscious world before we surrender to sleep, perchance to dream, and perchance to dream about what we just read….

The sampling of those books here is the first of an anticipated annual collection of guest posts from the We Wanted to Be Writers blog. Twenty-five writers share their personal stashes—nearly 250 books—and what earned these bedside status.

There are a third more non-fiction than fiction titles here, plus a smattering of poetry, and incredibly, only one book with vampires in it, The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova, and that’s by the bed of this collection’s co-editor, Eric Olsen. But he can explain!

In one appendix, we include a list of books written by our contributors, and in another, all the books they mention, arranged alphabetically by author.

Edited by Cheryl Olsen and Eric Olsen
101 pages | ISBN, print: 978-0-9795898-7-4 | $7.99 | softcover | 2013
ISBN, e-book: 978-0-9795898-6-7 | $3.99 | 2013

About the Editors
Eric and Cheryl Olsen are a husband and wife writing/editing team. Both graduates of the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, they are proficient book hoarders who have managed to fill closets, a basement, and all available bookshelves—especially the ones by the bed—with specimens from every literary genre. This volume is a natural extension of that proclivity, in no way intended to help bibliophiles with their addiction.

More complete bios can be found on the We Wanted to Be Writers’ site for Eric and for Cheryl.

Read an excerpt | What others are saying