Dave Hickey, Editor

Dave Hickey, Executive Editor

Dave Hickey
(photo by Geri Kodey)

One of a handful of critics who “move markets,” Dave has written for most major American cultural publications, including Rolling Stone, ARTnews, Art in America, Artforum, Interview, Harper’s Magazine, Vanity Fair, Nest, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times. His collections of critical essays on art, The Invisible Dragon: Four Essays on Beauty and Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy, are in their sixth and eighth printings respectively. The University of Chicago Press will release 25 Women: Essays on the Work of Women Artists in 2014, and Connoisseur of Waves: More Essays on Art & Democracy at a later date. Pagan America is forthcoming from Simon and Schuster. His most recent book is Pirates and Farmers: Essays on Taste from Ridinghouse in London.

After dropping out of a PhD program in lit, Dave became a songwriter and played backup guitar for Marshall Chapman, among others. Then he opened an art gallery in NYC. Then he began writing about rock music for Rolling Stone. From there, he became one of the most influential critics in the world.

In 2002-2007 he was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship. He holds an honorary degree from The Rhode Island School of Design, and he received a Peabody Award for his work on Ric Burns’ biographical documentary of Andy Warhol. And he’s credentialed in cool. Everything BrightCity Books does is influenced to some degree by Dave’s unique sense of style.

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