Cheryl Olsen, Executive Editor

Cheryl Olsen

Cheryl Olsen
(photo by Reggie Margolis)

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Cheryl started a graduate program in ed psych. But just as the maze-running rats were making her squirrely, she fell under the spell of Filipino writer NVM Gonzalez, who proffered encouragement, and Cheryl closed the lab door and succumbed to the urge that had been flirting with her for years. She drove to Iowa City in a borrowed El Camino with bemused husband Eric in tow.

Cheryl wrapped up her MFA and soon got a job writing student profiles and features on UI programs for The Iowa Scene. She was a pro. There was no turning back. Resettled in California, Cheryl wrote for publications including Cosmopolitan, Via, Runner Magazine, and others. She was an editor and writer at City Sports Magazine for many years, a columnist for Women’s Sports and Fitness, and regular contributor to Time Inc. Health, Summit Medical Center, and Words Without Borders, among others. She also taught college English for a number of years.

During their four-plus decade marriage, Cheryl and Eric have frequently written for the same publications and collaborated on literary projects, including BrightCityBooks. Cheryl is also web goddess for the We Wanted to Be Writers site.

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